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Encapsulating your crawlspace means to seal your crawlspace from the exterior of the home. When an encapsulation is performed, the first thing is to seal out any moisture or vapors that can evaporate from the soil, into the crawlspace. That is done by sealing a vapor barrier to the foundation wall, completely around the perimeter. The next step is to seal around any wood support posts in the crawlspace. Once that is completed, the floor vapor barrier gets installed, and all seams are sealed with a waterproof seam tape. Finally, once all of the potential moisture from the ground is sealed out, the exterior foundation vents to the crawlspace are sealed off. 

Sealing off the foundation vents is where the most benefits come from. The crawlspace foundation vents that are all too familiar to many home owners actually allow the often damp and cold outside air, to enter the crawlspace, introducing mold spores and cooler air temperatures to the home. Through a process called the stack effect, when a house gets heated, the air rises. The house then needs to replenish the air loss, so it draws in air from the crawlspace, and when the crawlspace loses its air, it draws in air from the exterior, through the exterior foundation vents. 

When a crawlspace is encapsulated, it seals off all the moisture in the ground, as well as the damp cold air, very common to western Washington, making our crawlspaces warmer and dryer, which in turn makes our houses warmer and dryer. The benefits to encapsulating a crawlspace are better indoor air quality, lower heating costs, deterring insects and rodents, increased storage space, and it helps prevent mold and mildew. Call Today for more information about Encapsulation and the benefits to the home!
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