Preventative Care
Many crawlspace problems can be prevented by taking care of key problematic areas like your door, your vents, and your down spouts. 

A Better Crawl, Inc. has expertise in fixing these problem areas, and stopping common problems before they occur.

Services provided for preventative care are:

Crawlspace Access Doors

Crawlspace Access Hatch Covers

Underground Downspout Discharges

Vent Screen Repair

Crawlspace Access Door

The crawlspace access is one of the most penetrated areas, and the most common entry point for rodents and other destructive creatures into your crawlspace. 

A Better Crawl, Inc. builds proper, framed, rodent tight doors to keep any creature from penetrating your crawlspace through the access. A Better Crawl, Inc. also has the option of building a locking crawlspace access door to keep out burglars and squatters as well.

Here are examples of our weather tight, rodent tight, crawlspace access doors that are built custom to your crawlspace.

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Crawlspace Hatch Cover

If you have a well around your access, a good crawlspace hatch cover is important. The hatch cover is the first line of defense for both animals and the weather. Especially in western Washington, a good hatch cover will keep out the rain and help prevent flooding in your crawlspace through the access area.

A Better Crawl, Inc. will build you a custom fit hatch cover that will guard your access from any undesirable entity.
Underground Downspout Discharge

Your gutters and down spouts carry a lot of water, water you don't want anywhere near your foundation. Many houses have faulty drainage systems or no drainage systems and saturate your foundation, seeping water into your crawlspace or basement and potentially causing flooding and damage.

A Better Crawl, Inc. installs underground downspout discharge systems away from your home to a pop up bubbler, at an appropriate distance so no downspout water penetrates your crawlspace or basement.
Vent Screen Repair

Your vents are another problem area for rodent penetration. When your screens get old they can become brittle and break, leaving openings for rodents to enter your crawlspace and create all kinds of havoc and costly damage. 

A Better Crawl, Inc. will inspect all your vents and repair them if necessary to cut off the access for rodents through your vents.
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